Transform messages with the Apigize XSLT Web API

Transform XML or JSON with the XSLT Web API

It is very easy to transform an XML or JSON message using the XSLT Web API.
You only have to post a message to the XSLT Web API and specify the XSLT file you want to use.

First you have to upload the XSLT file to your personal storage account with the File Web API.

You can upload up to 25 files without any costs!
XSLT File example

Request headers

With the Content-Type and Accept Header you can specify what type of message you want to send and receive.

The response message from the XSLT API can be JSON or XML. The result depends on the Accept Header.
Response Body
XSLT API Response message

More Information

You can find more information about the XSLT Web API here: